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Meet The Family at Floyd's Used Cars

Floyd Carter has been in the automotive industry for over 40 years,
having started out in his smoke house in his backyard in late 1965.
He began by buying a car, fixing it up and selling it right out of his
backyard.  His wife, Annie Carter, has been by his side for the duration of
his business.  Early on, Annie served as the secretary, bookkeeper, and
notary, while Floyd was the salesperson.  During this same time, Floyd was
a full time employee at Lundy's, where he started working in 1957.  Annie
was employed by Sampson County Head Start.
As his business began to grow, Floyd found himself working 7 days a week
continuing his business in his backyard and running the business out of
his home.  In 1987, he remodeled his smokehouse and that is the current
office for the business today.
Today, Floyd serves as the President and his son,  Darrell, serves as the
Vice President.  The business was incorporated in 2003 and that is when
Darrell took over the business.  Floyd still serves as the President and advice
consultant, and keeps check on his many customers he has come to
know through the years.
Currently the business has Glenn Carter as Sales Manager, Stefanie Evans
as secretary and bookkeeper,  Joan McNeill, Armon Jacobs,
Michael Blount, and James Chestnut as full time
employees.  Armon Jacobs has been with the business for over 15 years and has been a great asset to Floyd.  His dedication and friendship has helped Floyd develop the business to what it is today.  The business also employs 2 part-time employees. 
During the 4 decades Floyd has been in the business, he has not only provided a
service to the community, but also numerous jobs for people in the
Floyd's Used Cars has been and still is a family owned business.
If you are interested in purchasing a vehicle from a friendly family home
based business,  Floyd's Used Cars will be there to assist you in any way
Forty years of satisfied customers, with many repeat customers, attest to this
fact.  A simple dream that started out in the backyard in a smokehouse
eventually let Floyd retire from Lundy's in 1988.  Since that time up to the
incorporation in 2003, Floyd ran the business full-time.  Since
incorporation, his duties include keeping check on things, still greeting
customers and making sure they're satisfied, and giving advice when


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